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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by XXX
(questioneer name removed)
what is the deal with this thread
and this arc I`m reading about
can you help me out here please
we will explain that, in the video we plan to do
late summer/early fall ~ at the earliest

(and, maybe not til 2011 - once we sell everything
and, money won't be a problem,
and, we will be able to do whatever we want)
the only reason, we have done this,
is, because, we couldn't afford to finish,
our own work, and, finish it, the way it should be finished

very likely, we will just remove ourselves,
from the 'mainstream', and, go live out the rest of our days,
on a deserted desert island, and, swim in the ocean,
and, interact with dolphins/and, whales

the more we see in this world,
the less, we even want to look at this world

we've got contents/and, a house to sell
~and, many who asked questions-that got NO answers

we don't want them to think, we were rude

we have finally accepted that
people don't work together in this world

~all they really are interested in advancing themselves
for free, or, stealing - or, just using others peoples energies,
to build themselves up, and, we are proud,
that everything we ever took,
from a material/or spiritual aspect,
we paid for

quite frankly, we are actually questioning,
why on earth ~ we ever volunteered for a ride to a place
that could be heaven, that is clearly turning into a hell

far easier to just remove yourself from the equation,
and, be your own piece of peace

we did mail the basis of our formula,
to ourselves via registered mail to have proof of it, as, being ours

although, we don't know how that, really protects us
once you open the envelope for any reason,
how can you prove, what was in the envelope ???

can you trust lawyers/and, judges ???

and, we are going to get some people we know,
who have worked with us about 25 years ago,
to swear affidavits on dates, where they attended our seminars in canada

you see, NO one, likes to read long posts,
nor, do they really want to have to stretch their minds,
easier to get into the 'love mode' of doing nothing,
which ironically, just puts you into a space
of no more, yet, no less...

everyone /or, almost everyone
is living in their own little shrunken worlds
and, fighting with one another ~ that isn't the type of world
we wish to eXchange in

there is one person here,
who takes information from everyone elses
threads-and, parks it boldly on his own thread

maybe with all their resources, they can help you
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