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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

QUESTIONS: that need to be answered

(will come back to answer them here)

Originally Posted by Moxie
Hi Susan, good to know you are okay! thanks for piping in to say so!

I am interested in how your processed yourself for total clear. Is that FreeZone method? Any assistance you may offer is very appreciated. I like to look at the options and feel them out....

Ever feel the urgency?

Everyone is interested in everything,
to get to my answers,
but, without helping me
in any way, to get them out

we've said it 101 times in the past week
1001 times in the past month
and, 10,001 times in the past year

the project is bigger than me

after dumping almost 500,000 into it,

our conclusion: it has been worth it for us

is it worth it to others ???

that will remain to be seen

without help, it will help us

will it help you ???

highly unlikely it will see the light of this day

do NOT worry, it will go with us, where ever we go
and, we stored it, in secured sections of light light libraries
in case something happens to the physical eXpression of Susan

our clear, has been
proved utilising 'freezone' meters, that, my system works

other people with abilities to tap into sources,
has also confirmed, that, what we have is authentic

urgency - no, we do NOT feel any sense of urgency

in fact - currently, we feel comfortably numb

with the 100's of question in our in box

-maybe we can answer them, before we die / or pa/pc dies

whatever happens first

do NOT ever lose your sense of humour

it maybe all you have

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