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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
I agree...the video visual was not very clear, like a filter there..but it was clear enough to see a change in your eyes...what happened there? It was like a change in the eyes...about half way through

Lovely eyes BTW
We do NOT operate alone
we operate with 13 conscious units
6 angelic / 6 elemental / and, 1 humanoid
13 pairs of consciousness units, llinked to
12 sets of dna - plus a central vertical channel
that is completely turned on ~ and, fully activated

the shining - if, you want to call it, what it is

is the sum total - of a collective of beings,
that, are integrated into the current sum total
of the totallity of 'us' ~ in the mode of eXpressing ourselves

so, the shining of three of the counsel of thirty-three (33)
come in, and, operate through us

The Forever Grandfather KulKulKan from 10th density
~is our essence twin
The Complex of Lady of The Lake - aka Viviane from 10th density
who are both a part of our 10th density heredity soul family
who currently reside, in higher dimensions
unless, they come in, to eXchange through us

both of whom, have worked with us,
in each of our 12 past grand cycles

The Forever Grandmother Culculcan
who was once sitting out,
in the future 9th density,
she NOW, resides within us,
(who has worked with us, only in this,
the current 13th grand cycle)

Everyone has these same onboard keys
albeit, on many; they are currently sitting
at "on-bored" status ~ iT iS possible to turn them on

this is part, of what, we hope to eXchange with others

the shining you see - is the shining of a collective group of 'us'
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