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Default Re: 2010~THE YEAR of THE 13 aspects of YOU !!!~THE eXchanger

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post
Hi exchanger,

I watched your video and think you did an excellent job for your first time out. I found your voice very soothing and a pleasure to listen too, very good quality. (especially for guys, hmm possible target market)

The content was interesting but I was very distracted by not being able to see your face! I lost my concentration on your words as I struggled to see the expressions you were making. I could tell your expressions were very genuine and I wanted to see then so badly... I bet they were fabulous!

Strut your stuff... your avatar pic is you I believe, so show your beauty for all to see with good lighting. I can't say enough about this.

To get people to react you need 'bullets points' - A,B,C,D THEN CALL 444-444-4444. Modern people need to be motivated in order to act on anything and the key is to find the proper motivation for your target market. Your video must be scripted.

I can provide you some advice on marketing if I had a clearer sense of exactly where you are going with your ideas. The world is the world!

Thanks Big MO, from your comments/and, suggestions

this was just a basic - talk & record,
without any kind of script

we are going to add in an actual HD VideoCam
to the mix, along with working on setting up
better lighting

since, our higher self, essence, and, monad
(7th/8th/and, 9th density)
- along with future monad (which is also 9th density)
are all integrated into 'our mix'
there will always be many variations
of their light/or combined light within us,
shows up in our eyes

we also have 13 consciousness units-active in us
one from each of our grand cycles 12 completed grand cycles
and, the current grand cycle

we adjusted the frame size, from the laptop
and, that has made, a bit of a change
~perhaps if anyone has any suggestions about equipment to utilise
that would be good to know

if there is a group here in the toronto area,
who might want to gather ~ it might be possible to film an event
(and, do it, similiar to how ian/or mayan majix did it

thank you, big mo, for your comments
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