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Default Re: Belgian ground crew (french and deutch)

Hi guys,

I'm also a Belgian. I hope there will be more of us soon, but the subject isn't as much alive as in The Netherlands, I'm afraid. I'm in contact with some people from Belgium who are busy with "the case", I've been to a couple of meetings lately, but it's really not too crowded. About 2 weeks ago, I've had the pleasure to hear Mr. Messing in Gent and had the chance to talk to him afterwards. It was a wonderful experience.

Many Belgians are deeply asleep. The awakening will be crude for them. I think we have an important task.

I hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to contact me in private. I speak Dutch, French, English and some German and I hope we can eventually meet. That's the great thing about living in a small country.

PS: Do we have to communicate in English when talking to each other in this part of the forum?
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