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Default Re: How can We take the Bible seriously?

It is a mistake to equate the Bible with the Church.

The Church is a man-made organization that is corruptible and corrupted.

The Bible is the Word of God - with the disclaimer that it is edited and compiled by man.

If the Bible simply were to give anyone who read it True Knowledge and Enlightenment, we wouldn't have churches (or any other books for that matter).

I believe it should be read, understood as well as possible and comprehended in context. Always understanding who wrote what and under what conditions.

I believe the Gospels are the most informative and believable part of the Bible. I also think that much of what the Bible really means to impart has been corrupted, mis-interpreted and spun by the Church. Unfortunately, most Bible thumpers only know what they have been told and many seem to lack the ability to interpret for themselves. It is easy - but spiritually corrupt - to find a passage in the Bible to justify any dogma.

Those who only listen to what the Church has to say about the Bible and faith is somewhat akin to using the Fox Network as your only source for news.
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