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Originally Posted by Wellerite View Post
I know where your coming from but my point is that you cannot alter your consciousness artificially. Just as psychedelics are like the helicopter ride up the mountain but to actually face the foot of the mountain and climb it everyday and know and feel and touch it yourself is the true path.

Travelling in the astral realm is an occult technique that can be practised without the need for aid or gadgetry and so can raising your vibration. It is better to apply the effort than to just sit back with headphones on and let it do it for you - it's disempowering.

To know that you are the one infinite creator with the power to create is all you need...... nothing more..............
i can "see" now what you`re absolutely right....but considdering the stressful "reality", society and its conditioning, most of us have to cope with, i don`t see any way how we could do it without "gadgets"......since most of us are wage slaves and not full time "monks"...i think hemi sync can "show us the way back to the mountain (top)" in a short time...because the time we have left between work is really short.. is imperative to not keep using hemi-sync all the time without a thorough break (weeks or months) in between. most important is rigorous physical excercise for empowering..also group energy for the same reason....

groups! isn`t that what avalon is all about?
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