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Default Re: How can We take the Bible seriously?

Originally Posted by maya12-21-2012 View Post
I guess you didn't know that the bible was plagerized from the Egyptians.

I've read the bible and can appreciate the morals it provides. I can appreciate the parables as well but the number of contradicting statements makes it hard to give credence to validity.

In my opinion, religion is a HUGE scam. I believe we have an ultimate creator and most likely, it's a FEMALE because women are the ones who CREATE, not men.

Think about it.

Do you drop to your knees to pray to your God? I don't. My God wants to be treated like a best friend, not worshipped. He and/or she doesn't walk in front of me nor does he and/or she walk behind me...he and/or she walks next to me.

This is the most comfortable I've ever felt about religion. Please bear in mind that Iim not trying to convert you away from Christianity!!! I respect your belief system but don't agree with it.

Can we meet halfway and agree to disagree?

that's true Horus's story is basicly identical to that of Jesus

Allso Disclaimer on My defence I never intended to have People disown there faith from the question I am asking and I greatly respect those whom take the possible and loveing aspects of what can be learned its just the "STORYS" in it I am questioning and I'm sorry I WILL NOT tip toe around a question if I see false with in the storys & I may seem offensive or like a ******* but I am generaly wanting awnsers to what I see doesn't fit, Nothing more.

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