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Default Re: How can We take the Bible seriously?

Originally Posted by ForsakenFalcon View Post
Ok how about them We get to read all the passiger's that were rejected from it? interesting FACT is that Judas has He's own scrolls around the place that give GREAT insight to the messige that man and god stand side by side at dawn as one and both gazeing upon there creation with love.


Here is a question about the bible I'd like awnsered then...

Levithan is a mythical sea creature in the bible thats apparently demonic and soul purpose in exsistence is to kill Men...... Considering most Priest wont eithen say if it's a giant crocodile, sea searpent, ext it shows they know very very little too... and if I'm not mistaken if god created every animal as well as us.... how can a animal be considerd evil?.....

It's like the snake theorie in the garden of eden apparently Lucifer POSSESES a snake (back when they apparently had 4 legs) and once Man sined THE SNAKE GETS PUNISHED?! not the Entitity itself that was in it at the time?!

Wow....Wow....Wow... If the bible is true We have such a loveing god "cough"
Sounds like you have it all figured out.

God bless you
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