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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

Bright blessings all.....and a few thoughts on David Icke.It's been a long time since his 'infamous' appearence on Wogan.I remember thinking at the time that...anyone who gets that big a public character assassination...must be on to something.What is really interesting is if you watch his latest appearence on Wogan,a couple of years ago,on some third rate cable channel.Instead of laughing at Icke.....the audience laughed at Wogan and cheered Icke !! A small example but indicative of the sea change in public consciousness over the last 20 or so years. Back then if you talked about him...people would laugh at all they can muster is a slight grin.

I always thought David did himself no favours the way he came across in public.Too arrogant..too defensive ? All I can say,having seen him at Brixton Academy this May, is that he his very sincere and and a very accomplished speaker (6 hours without notes ! ).And for sure the place was sold out...a very positive day.

I must say...I feel there are quite a few writers/speakers out there who have a better grasp of the overall picture but he is certainly a valued member of our community....and one of the first to stick his head above the parrapet.

As for lizards !! I can't see the problem with accepting their existence.The references come up religious texts,mythology and legend....not to mention more recent information.There is even a part of the human brain....called the reptillian brain.

So Yay for David Icke and Love & Light to All....
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