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Default Re: LATEST NEWS on Blossom Goodchild & Oct 14th Event!

Originally Posted by Arkan View Post
I respect your opinion and I'm not trying to pick a fight but we need to prove to them that we deserve these gifts. I'm sitting here at my computer like an idiot while the British Royalty and the Vatican are raping my republic. I am responsible for George Bush. I am guilty. Would you want to give high technology and spiritual wisdom to someone like me? When the opportunity comes I hope that I can prove to them that I am worthy of such gifts.

Until then I'll continue to

Peace to you my friend.
We're all in this together.
I think all technology is the outer reflection of what lies dormant within us, waiting to be discovered by us. We are bound by our self imposed limitations.
The masses are always talking about advanced beings, and we have not seen 10% of what we are capable of.

It is mentioned in the ancient text. That mankind has always had these watchers that exisited in the plain above us that were jealous because we have the divine spark.It is up to us to fan that spark into flamming conciousness of unlimited potential. The independent thinking man is born of the 4th element of fire.

The esoteric symbol for this principle was a older man walking with a small child as gaurdian and protector because this energy comes in its infantcy. Man could not control this power if it arrived at maximum potential.

They also say that our worse frality is that we think we have limitaions, and as a symbol for that idea they used the mummy and the ego bound to the cross of matter.

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