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Default Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by Angel in Disguise View Post
Holly thanks for that link.... I usually don't pay much attention to this sort of thing but am amazed at how specific this one is. Anyhow, my rising is in Libra with moon in Cancer. The write up on each aspect is quite bang on
No worries, Angel! I've been studying astrology since I was thirteen, the love and fascination for it was so strong. I bought my first book then, memorized all the info, and now here I am. :P (I did the same with numerology, acrophonology, and phrenology at that time, too.)

I personally call these the "Top Three" - your Rising, Moon, and Sun signs. I love how you have such an interesting balance there of Libra, Cancer, and Scorpio - one's family-oriented, one's friend-oriented and career-oriented (not work-oriented - I mean the Libran way of climbing the social ladder in their career. ), and one's lover-oriented and sex-oriented! Very interesting.

I've read before that your top three tend to tell you whom you'd be compatible with, in ANY kind of relationship. Like, whomever has similar signs in their top three. For example, my Sun's in Pisces, Moon's in Capricorn, and Rising is in Aries. My partner's SUN's in Aries, MOON's in Pisces, and Rising is in CANCER. We each have an Aries, a Pisces, and the two that are left over (Capricorn and Cancer.) share the same mode of cardinal, so they're quite compatible.

So, Angel, you should go really well with someone who has a mix of your top three, whether in element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water.), mode (mutable, cardinal, fixed.), or the sign itself (Libra, Cancer, Scorpio). What are your soon-to-be-wife's top three?


P.S. I LOVE this thread. It's been sixteen years since I bought my first astrology book, and it still fascinates me!
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