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Default Re: What is your sign?

Originally Posted by Angel in Disguise View Post
Yes... I believe we all ascend to somewhere depending on our levels... Call this day and age a graduation of some sort... Some will begin elementary, some highschool... and some college and university... But then some will attain freedom to do as they choose because they did their time in the schools of 'life'.
What you've said here (starting in elementary, high school, or college/university, specifically.) has reminded me of something.

I once heard an idea (can't remember where, for the life of me.) that perhaps we are the sign we are in this life based upon how far we've gotten with our enlightenment in each incarnation. The person who I heard/read this from was basically saying that we each started out our first incarnation as Ariens, living life in that kind of energy - the firy, passionate, impulsive way that only Aries can be. And once we learned the "lesson" we sought to learn as Aries, we would start incarnations as Taurus - until we, again, reached the "highest" pinnacle we could in that energetic soup. After that, some lifetimes as Gemini, then Cancer, and so on and so on.

I'm not a hundred percent on this theory, but it certainly stood out for me - and it's quite an interesting theory! For myself, this could be true, as I've always felt in this life that I'm pretty well close to being "done" with this way of living (which I've read is something felt by those with "old souls".) - and perhaps I'm on my last zodiacal leg on this planet, being a Piscean? God only knows, but it's definitely an interesting theory.

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