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Default Re: Strange things in the rain...

Simply put - Its being noted that the White Substance is being found in Wet areas that get Rain in the Winter, and the Snow Mold is being found in Areas that get Snow in the Winter. Hmmm eh ?

I am with you now.

Fiiish: How old is the concrete? It looks like it has not been properly cured.

The concrete in the picture with the gutter is over 30 years old.
The concrete in the other pictures is newer, but the stuff is appearing on both.

We also have a plastic planter on the back patio that is empty and has
similar stuff growing on the inside of it. Whether it is the same, I don't know.

on a walk this morning at the beach I spotted a baby dolphin that had washed ashore...
Something is happening

That is sad to hear about the dolphin. I agree, something IS happening.

When I sweep before my door today I have the same think on it... and I did not take any attention until I read this post... hmmm... and concrete is 25 years old and I didn't see something like that before... Strange...

Thanks for posting! Can you share any pictures of what you found?

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