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Default Re: Some Bulls*** Happening!

Originally Posted by 3optic View Post
Has to be seen to be believed.

Thanks 3Optic

I really enjoyed it .
The Bulls.... dissemination is increasing on the mass media outlets . All of this to take the minds of the population off much more serious matters such as the economic system path to total destruction,
the necessity to manufacture continuous enemies and wars to prop up the economic system based on continuous growth in a finite planet , the not so secret plan to enslave and microchip the world population , and many other issues we discuss here in this forum . Dissemination of Bull dust stories is mostly prominent in the so called western “ fake democracies “ because the media control is strongest . The worst of those ”democracies “ are the Anglo Saxon countries which are on the the process of becoming totally controlled by the cult religion called Zionism .
The members of this cult play the team game , while we , gentiles , play the single game and therefore even though we are more numerous we are subjected to all sort of manipulations and controls . In the US there are about 6.5 millions Jews , but not all of them support the Apartheid state of Israel . However in the US , the supporters of the Apartheid state control through lobby groups such as AIPAC the decision making at the highest level of government . In Australia it is exactly the same . There are 120,000 Jews living there but there is a very high practical support of the Apartheid state of Israel .
This high support of Israel becomes clear when assessing how many Jews are prepared to collaborate for Mossad (the Israeli Secret Services ) . I estimate that 80,000 Australian Jews actively support Mossad . The supporters , also called “ Sayanims “ are in effect a 5th columns inside Australia . The “Sayanims ” infiltrate every aspect of the Australian society , and there is a disproportionate number of them in the Judiciaries , the Law , the politics etc. . This 5th columns can field more operatives than the Australian secret services ( ASIO ) .
This is the game the Zionist have been playing for generations and generation , infiltration into the ruling social strata of a society via marriage , business deals , blackmail , and other unsavory means .
This is the reason why the Jews have been ejected from so many countries .

A religious cult similar in behavior and operation to the Mafia is very close to taking over the World .

The only way that we gentiles can retake control of our society is by becoming aware of what is at stake here : our future liberty .
We must to start to play like a team and be less divided . We can start by not patronizing the crypto-jewish mass media .
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