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Default Re: Strange things in the rain...

Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions!

I contacted the Phoenix Dept. of Health and was referred to the
Department of Environmental Quality, which referred me to Air Quality.
The rep that I spoke with there indicated that this was not something
they would perform testing on.

I could take a sample to a lab for testing, but we do not have resources
to allocate for that at this time.

I checked with the neighbors, and they appear to have smaller amounts
of the same substance in the areas around their property-particularly the walls.

As our residence has shared walls and common roofs, it is unclear whether
or not this is somethng on the roof or in the paint reacting with the rainwater,
or whether there is actually something in the air that is getting washed
onto everything when it rains
. I am inclined to think it is the latter!

Hoping whatever this stuff is, it is not toxic or pathogenic!
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