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Default Re: Strange things in the rain...

Do you know any chemists? Needs lab testing to determine exactly what it is and where it's coming from..maybe you can contact the local news stations and one of them might pick up on it and have tests run to see whats going on. The reporters live in your area too, it may be a health concern for everyone involved.

No telling what it is, there are sooo many unnatural substances in the environment and a lot of factors to take into long has it been going on, does it happen everytime it rains or on occassion? Do you have a lot of chemtrail activity, are there chemical plants or anything of that nature in the area spewing out containaments into the air?

Pretty strange looking stuff and I would be concerned too...there was a video out showing the film of gunk left behind after chemtrail releases in some areas, it was also making people sick with Morgellans disease...or these little fiber things that get under the skin.
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