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Default Re: New interview with Aaron McCollum

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
I can only share my experiences with Aaron which were 100% real.
I won't go into detail here, but I will ask this question- why bother to send a black heli over my house for 25 minutes and place a psy attack on Aaron and myself (twice within past 2 weeks) if something is not true with what he has to say.

I have seen him change physically numerous times (drastically I might add) in front of my own eyes and had to remain an anchor for him as he switched into an alter (not an easy task for someone like me who did not work with him and had to take directions via phone from someone who did so we could keep him and myself safe) -last night was one example as he started switching a few hours before the interview - there is no way he could have acted that out- it doesn't happen like that. Again due to privacy I won't go into details but it was 100% real.

I have also seen documents, know more about his background and when he is ready to come forward I think some who are doubting might take him more seriously.

He has worked with Duncan on *projects* along with someone else I know.
Are all 3 making it up?

It's true everything may not be accurate and Aaron is still uncovering memories - time will tell but one thing is certain- many people are and have been used against their will in black projects- memories compartmentalized, missing time, waking up naked in remote locations not knowing how you got there etc;
Thank you for sharing this. I never met him so don't know him. But I have to trust my gut feeling and I do think he is telling the truth. And I think it is very brave of him doing so!
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