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Default Re: New interview with Aaron McCollum

Originally Posted by 3optic View Post
I haven't had an intuitive sense that either McCollum or Ofinioan are lying for whatever that's worth to anyone.
Well I have a theory, there are the kind of characters called "hustlers", these are very likable, charming, fun, entertaining, outspoken, seemingly kind and caring people, who are also the most manipulative, deceptive, and dishonest people you will ever come across and will absolutely take advantage of you the first chance they get. I'm not saying Aaron McCollum is such a person, but its definitely a possibility. Intuition would hardly be an adequate discernment tool if one has never encountered such a character in real life, and I'd be willing to bet that very few on this forum have ever associated with such characters. My own 'intuition' tells me the opposite of what your intuition tells you, so thats pretty much futile.

If you will notice I did 'not' claim unambiguously that this man is a fraud or that his information is invalid. Of course I have my thoughts just like anyone else, and obviously I lean to skepticism in this case much more than just believing the guy. I've often expressed some of my beliefs on this forum, and if anyone was paying attention, they might call me outlandish too. So no, this is not the basis of my skepticism, but the information is indeed very questionable, its obvious, I don't think that stance is unreasonable.
People can judge for themselves and unless you have evidence to the contrary...
Oh, but I made no claims, none that require evidence anyway. On the other hand, Aaron McCollum is making certain claims so why doesn't anyone ask him for evidence? the onus (ie: burden of proof) has always been on the person making the claims, not the other way around. But yes, people should ultimately judge for themselves and I never suggested otherwise. I'm offering a contrary viewpoint to most everyone else so far in this thread, thats always been my style. On other forums I'd see a lot of skeptics and offer them the 'believer' stance very strongly, you'd be surprised.
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