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Default Re: New interview with Aaron McCollum

Originally Posted by 3optic View Post
I think what pilgrim was saying was "who's going to be the first shill to attempt to debunk Aaron's interview." Hence his noting, "Positive so far........" meaning everyone has been supportive thus far, when are we going to see a disinfo post?
Isn't it interesting how the term 'disinfo' now constitutes those who question the likes of Aaron McCollum, before anyone has even questioned.

Let me be the first. Aaron McCollum from what I gather from watching one interview and some basic info about him, is a Coast Guard, and claims to be part of the same MKULTRA program as Duncan O'Finioan (also very questionable). Then claims to have been part of false flag operations and aware of other false flags currently "in the works", then goes on to talk about a Stargate in the gulf of Aden, oh and don't get forget about the synthetic beings that are coming out of this Stargate. All of which, according to him, you can "research on Google".

Now you tell me who is more likely to be proffering disinformation, the people who seriously question this, or those who make such claims?
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