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Default Re: The sounds of silence:HD TV


You only gave it a day at best to look for a response, not everyone reads every post and these things tent to get lost quickly, so in a sense most have not even seen it yet, and we are not on every day, Heck this is the 1st time i saw this thread. I myself never felt the need for HD anything.

We all know that the GOV don't care about us, it's just that we also know that having a say about it will literally not have an effect on the PTB, so yes some of us will be condescending and most will not, we all have our way of dealing with these issues, and most responses will be on the quiet side till some one is having a major break out about it like what you have done, we all have our individual ways of dealing, most of the time it is in a quiet manner, as we more our less meditate on the issues.

Really i myself don't know how to respond , as it doesn't matter to me about what the PTB do , cuz they always have plans to hurt the masses, I just concentrate on personal healing and healing of my friends and family.
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