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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abrax, I hope you’re well dear friend. I read something very interesting in your reply #1415 to Solve, and I want to ask you a question(s) here:

This is what you (repeatedly) reply:

***Yes indeed, the Dragon genotype is the mastertemplate for the universe as a Mirror of Mirrors. This Dragon template is also called the human mastertemplate of Cosmic

It is precisely the Prime Creators masterplan to dragonomize you Sollve.

The 'take over' or 'invasion' of your planet is unavoidable, as this is the program of Prime Creator.
If WE would have left the human archetype to evolve by itself, it would have destroyed itself and this planet a number of times over.
You appear to not understand that all ET's are humanoid aspirants, awaiting their own graduations, which must await the humanoid graduation to proceed.

As said repeatedly, your masterrace status is subject to ALL other races 'interfering with it' to further their own agendas. YOUR human template is however the ROYALTY of the entire cosmos.

My question(s), (actually it is a conclusion, but I would only ask if I’ve understood correct and if not, please correct me if necessary):

We (‘the humans’) as fallen Adams “posses” that master template of the entire cosmos, which could be considered as special and therefore ROYALTY?

Yes, your reply here is brilliant Malletzky. Having checkmated the Devil (within you as this false image without you), you should proceed from strength to strength for evermore from now on.

'BEING' a physically expressed Adam has now allowed you to manifest your Shadow-Eve within yourself as part of the original mastertemplate of ADAMEVE=COSMIC MAN=ADAM KADMON (of Kabbalah)=PURUSHA=VITRUVIUS and so on.

As we ARE the REAL Image from the Prime Creator, our special template will be used by ALL other ET’s/ races in ALL universes in order to evolve according to the masterplan you so wonderfully described in your post #1351?

Of course, this is the agenda behind the agenda of ALL ETs, however obscured by the Devil Image without imaging itself PARASITICALLY within.
Now you know where the one and only REAL Cosmic Vampyre resides; within all who cannot checkmate their inner demons.

In this case NOW...the Dragon genotype is THE FIRST to hybridise with Adams mastertemplate and this will precisely define the way for all further hybridisations by many other ET’s?

The DRAGON IS the ADAMEVE mastertemplate AS the trick creation of God to 'sexchange' his own Image as Satan.
So the Dragon Agenda is to manifest ADAMEVE from ADAM+EVE; it is that simple. But without 'getting rid' of the obscuring or occultizing false selfimage of the DEVIL=LIVED (a proof of sorts) nothing goes and the mastertemplate cannot manifest.
Only the Logos coupling of your Christ-Consciousness/Higher Self/Superconsciousness in the Cosmic Logos-Individual Logos uniquely individuated partnership can achieve this.

In this case (as soon as this FIRST “operation” is successful and comes to an end), I must assume that a part of ME will be / is allways needed to ‘help’ other Prime Source Creations to evolve and therefore I WILL BE FOREVER?

Of course. You will then have graduated as a mastertemplate able to phaseshift the entire physical universe with your presence as having become Christ-centered or Love-Centred or God-centred and so you will have unified the polarities within yourself.

The polarities within the universe you live in AS a miniature universe of this same thing MUST be unified {This is the Lake of Fire and Brimstone btw, the Lake being Christ, the Brimstone your Yang and the Fire your Yin}, in this centralness.
The WITHOUT you will become your ETERNAL MIRROR to explore your WITHIN.

May I assume, if the previous said is correct, that ME, as a fallen Adam, already exist not only here, but everywhere on many other 3D plains, still unknown to us, and just ‘wait’ for the moment to ‘help’ in another hybridisation?

I am so proud of you, you have no idea. The entire extraterrestrial universe is rejoicing and applauding you in your awakening and selfrealisation.
This UNKNOWN is precisely your own NOT KNOWING IN DETAIL of what 'goes on' within your body - get it?!
So you shall have eternity to explore the Universe as yourself and the Mystery about details will remain - yet you will KNOW WHO YOU ARE and have ever been.

Is this the real meaning of the human mastertemplate?

If yes, I must say, we should consider ‘ourself’ very, very PROUD [=speaking of ego once again ;-) to BE what we ARE !!!

I could not improve one iota on your words Brother Dragon Malletzky!

Thank you once again for your time and efforts dear friend.

with much respect

You dear beloved BrotherSister have made my day.
Even if the PTB evict US tomorrow from their selfmade Hells - it now has all been worthwhile.

p.s. 1. Please feel free to share this message everywhere if needed (and all other previous or further messages)!

I certainly shall.

p.s. 2. I sent you an e-mail few days ago with a question to your post #1351. Did you received it?

Yes, I shall answer it shortly and add it to this message from US!
I am who I am, and we are all one as I am're wellcome to join the (r) evolution !!!

For once I have nothing to say, you have stunned me here!
Except Thank You Beloved ABBA and magnificent Jesus for having allowed this to happen!

Sirebard Beardris

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