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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
qbeac, trying to reason on this thread is like talking to a brick wall.
These people may agree with you, but they are paid to defend Greer/CSETI and intimidate those who question him.
Lisa, no one here that I'm aware of is paid to defend Greer/CSETI or intimindate anyone who questions him. Your statement is clearly false. I support Greer because I admire him, the work he has done, that he has dedicated his life to helping others and is working toward Universal Brotherhood. I'm not going to change my mind about a man who has risked so much in his efforts to help humankind.

You implied that he came onto you and is a womanizer. You implied he is a cheat. You implied he is a fraud.

You may have been very disappointed by your experience and should just ask for your money back. However, I do question who you are and am aware when someone who hasn't grasped the basics of algebra enters into a physics class.. that person is going to feel lost. I suspect you were in over your head and are blaming everyone else as to being failures without looking at yourself first and whether you were really ready for such an experience. And I will share this with you... I've been involved in this field for years and don't even know if I would be ready. A couple years back when I sat out under the stars with Joan Ocean, when she supposedly was contacting ET with our group, I thought her nut was cracked and I'm a psychotherapist. I also paid around $1,500 for the 5 day experience and was also disappointed. However, I didn't go around trashing her or putting her down because I couldn't see what she whe was experiencing. And if it weren't for the photos which caught the pictures of the orbs I would have thought the whole experience a bust. There are photos of me being fully surrounded by them and yet during that time I didn't see a thing because I didn't resonate at the frequency these were coming in at.

Joan Ocean is also an amazing person who is out there on the fringe yet she is also a contactee and has experiences that even blow my mind away. It would not be fair to discount my experience with her because of my own personal failures and/or inexperience.
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