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Default Re: The sounds of silence:HD TV

Zeddo, what response would you like? I'm with you man on the outrage. Hell, I even HEAR what is silent to most people. FFS I have to sleep with a fan on in the middle of the coldest winter in years just to TRY and mask the frequencies being broadcast now nearly all the damn time. No wonder all these crazy people are going mad flinging their own children off bridges, murdering siblings, killing the old lady next door over a cigarette argument etc. etc.

I just don't know what response to even hope for anymore posting on these subjects, but there are more people reading this than we sometimes think about and so carry on with broadcasting a different message. At least its putting something else out there.

I mostly like the so called negative threads on this forum. Sounds like you may need a liver flush, but hey, look at me still full of pi$$ and vinegar and been flushing for years!
I'm a realist and thats the way uh huh uh huh I like it.
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