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Default Re: The sounds of silence:HD TV

This is a good post Zeddo, thanks.

Developments in military and NWO type spy technology are sickeningly advanced. I was researching earlier about echelon, a massive spy tool, this too will have developed further. Did you know that TPTB can now look at you through your own webcam without you knowing? They have already used this to blackmail people they are interested in, you can guess in what ways.

I think if its as weak as you say here at Avalon then you need to stay eh?
Ifs its not, you should stay too,
So stay fkr!!

PS I stick to positivity in the main here, but i posted Israel/Iran thread on a news and updates thread and there were a couple of complaints that it wasnt positive enough for Avalon. I also know that majority people here are smart and understand exactly the need for scrutinity of the NWO. Isnt that exactly what Bill and Kerry are also trying to do?

Your friend,


PPS i just put sticky tape over my cam!!

PPS your link doesnt work
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