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Default Re: The sounds of silence:HD TV

Now why am I not surprised that there have been no responses to this, even after there were so many questions posed on this very subject. This is a record even for responses to Zeddo posts.

Ah well, just another corner-shop stop off point of absolutely no relevence where the local zit faced kids hang out trying to impress each other with their one-upmanship, just a bunch of Bill and Kerry worshippers hanging desperately on the coat-tails of wannabe superstars and failing in spectacular fashion.

There are a few people here I really enjoy, admire and respect, you folk know who you are....the rest....go play a nice game of tin soldiers with your irrefutable alien proof, your cleansed liver pics, your immature rants and the like.

I read so much about "the caliber of the minds that gather here". WTF, really. Reading about it is not good enough, as they say "talk is cheap, money buys the whisky". Well, it's someone elses round so pay up. Hmmmm, all the brilliant minds are silent, must be the overload of bull **** that has clogged them.

PLEASE BAN ME ....PLEASE, I bad mouthed the BK Franchise and said bull ****, surely thats enough to warrant exclusion from this funny farm?

Go at it groupies, have fun. Another "as they say" .....GOOD ON YAZ!!! Funch of Wuck-Bits.

I remain

Yours Disgustedly


PS Expect No More Posts, it's like pissing into a strong head-wind.
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