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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

i am not sure, if i was Bill or Kerry, that i would see all of this "reaction" as complimentary

i must say , i did not read any posts in this thread...i am frustrated with the predictable reactions of some of the members here...

i am curious about a few things...and have some questions..

For the members and MODS

Why do you come to Avalon or Camelot?

1- Entertainment

if 1 is your answer... There are many well versed members who keep many entertained with their witt and cynicism..

if 2 is your answer......Wow, so much to learn, i feel like im in pre-school still..

if 3 is your answer... Such pure love here sometimes i feel overwhelmed..

for Bill and Kerry...

1-Are you entertainers?

2-Do you still feel you have much to learn?

3- Do you feel loved?

i am very interested to hear both your answers.

To answers the threads question...

They disagree because it is a healthy and balanced thing to do..

Do we want founders that agree on everything?

i find the duality between the two to be a positive in the growth of the two well as my personal growth...

As parents, Richard and i often disagree...but we NEVER let the kids see it..

Mods, my opinion are required to show a common front so that the members who rely on them can feel secure...

Imagine a forum where Bill and Kerry agreed on EVERYTHING..

It would not be...Entertaining...Educational...or very Loving..

It would seem fake..

Growth...Love...Truth...These are my Goals...and i know...theses are Bill And Kerrys goals as well.

We may not all take the same road to get there, but in the end it brings us together.
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