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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

Dominic 777 please forgive my bluntness but I fail to see why you're seemingly looking beyond the facts.

1) Bill & Kerry are like Mulder & Scully in reverse....yes?

2) 2 opinions are better than 1 for us to make our own mind up...yes?

3) You do not need Bill or Kerry to tell you what to believe....yes?

If you've answered yes to all 3 then that’s basically it......yes?

yer yer we can turn into a soaps plot line. Kerry is scorning Bills affections or visa versa. They’re no longer in love. It's a power play for royalties from the movie rights. One is glory seeking over the other.

Also, you have to remember these changes were announced before this kinsu debacle. So just perhaps they want to explore their own lines of interest to put before us.
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