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Default Re: Saving The Planet, Global Warming & Related Issues

The acceleration of Global warming is causing the north pole ice caps to melt at a alarming rate of 1000s of acres per year. Even with the CO2 emmissions this in itself is not enough to cause the meltdowm at such an accelerated rate. What I would term the weather wars is one of the nifty technological advacement causing much of the acceleration. Not a caring soul in any of these goverment to give a dam. Because no one wants to address the root cause. Protectting ourselves from invading aliens , Star wars program, HAARP and other goodies are damaging our planet. Why are they so scare to just come out and become a real hero a hero of truth instead of a coward of silence, yes I'm talking to McCain and Obama. What would it matter if they control the world if there's nothing to control. Pretty dam stupid if you ask me...
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