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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abraxas --

SO Many Questions ..... SO Little Time! i guess it's cause every new answer begets another question thanks for continuing to be our wailing wall, AA .... you're a trooper!!

Ok here goes ..... think i'll start with the hardest (for me) first.

1) Re: the human concept of God, Creative Source, All-That-Is, etc. and our relationship with/to Him-Her/It -- it seems to me that since Jesus apparently related to the Source as Abba which supposedly translates as Da-Da, isn't the intimately personal relationship that this implies the most perfect template for a human relationship with its source? is this not mirrored in the Christian mystical traditions (and I imagine in many others) of the mystical marriage, e.g., Jesus-as-Bridgroom, as our Mother, etc.

2) Was the real Eve archetype (as redeemed by Lillith) "fulfilled" in Mary, Jesus' mother? just as the real Adam archetype (as redeemed by the new Eve) was fulfilled in Jesus? And if so, is it correct to assume that the "entity formerly known as Mary" may be called our Dragon Mother .... just as the entity known as Jesus is our Dragon Master (i realize that that Yeshuah was the perfected He-She and so also can be seen as our Master/Mother .... so then does it follow that Mary is our Mother/Master??)

3) Are you familiar with Julian of Norwich, one of my favorite mystics? "And All Will Be Well .... And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well."

4) What is the scriptural source from which you quote when you cite things Jesus says that are not specifically included in the "orthodox" canon?

thanks once again, AA, for all your time and patience with us!


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