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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abraxas,

I was in a lucid state while meditating last night and had a vision of riding a White Unicorn. Very strong powerful. I was guiding it through the forest towards the light at the edge of the forest. I've never had this "dream" before.

I found this today while trying to understand th vision.


The Wise truly say
That two wild beasts lurk in the forest:
One is beautiful, well-formed and spirited,
A great strong antlered stag;
The other is a radiant white unicorn.

Both lie hidden in the forest;
We call the man insightful,
Who can spy and catch them.

Here and everywhere the Masters concisely reveal
That two beasts move through the forest.
(Yet the forest must be understood to be one thing.)

First, to reach the root of all things,
Matter will be called the forest,
So shall we know and understand things rightly.

The Unicorn stands for Spirit
The Stag answers to no other name
Than Soul and none can deny it.

Now it is true that he, who by Art,
Knows how to tame them,
Leading them out of the forest,
Yet driving them close together,
Would be called a Master.

Such a man has found the Golden Fleece.
So now he may triumph,
and might govern over great Augustus.

Now it is important that you know
A Stag and Unicorn in the forest go.

Soul and Spirit exist in Matter
It sounding like it fits in with what you have been saying. So thought I would share.


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