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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
I already my own way. but for the sake of this thread my view has been stated...the information you you have presented is slanted, and watered down.

I will leave you with words from a stone tables washed up on a beach and reached the British Museum from Egypt in
1805. Cataloged as Stella #797

“Mighty and great is Ptah, who rendered power to the gods and their kas: through his heart, by
which Horus became Ptah; and through his tongue, by which Thoth became Ptah.
When the eye sees, the ears hear, and the nose breathes, they report to the heart. It is the
heart that brings forth every issue, and the tongue that repeats the thought of the heart. Thus were
fashioned all the gods: even Atum and his Ennead.
Every divine word has come into existence through the heart’s thought and tongue’s
“Thus it was—by such speech—that the kas were created and the maid servants of the kas.
“It is these that make all sustenance, all food; all that is liked and all that is loathed.
“Thus it was he who gave life to the peaceful and death to the transgressor.
“Thus it was he who made every work, every craft...”

Well well. The watered down version of Thuban is washed and cleansed by the stone tablets of Ptah as Thoth washed up on the beach and teleported to the British museum from which our Egyptian Goddess of the Sothian knowledge has left her throne of majesty in the Ab of Isis to bless the poor Thuban dragon souls with her sublime and splendiferous wisdom of Egyptian lore.

Well done my queen Nefertiti, says Akhenaten, bowing to Aton ex Ra satisfied.


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