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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Dear avalonians (ALL of you reading and contributing on this thread)...dear mods! I've been here on this forum for a while and you know me enough to know that I never mean to offend or judge. So please don't feel offended and judged by me...I just take my right as a forum participant, as each one of you does, to make my statement here.

My recent discovered ability to "read/feel" (or call this whatever you wish) the energy signatures of posted material seem to slay over me right now.
I’m very sorry to see so much “negativity” with “hidden agendas” behind the written words.

I will not ask the common question: WHY? You would know why, and I don’t want your answer!

But I will ask some other questions, and ALL of you, especially the one who knows better, are wellcome to participate. (Mods and Abrax, sorry if this seem to be out of context here, but believe me, it isn’t).
No its not.

I share your dismay.

There have been flares of ego, the posturing "tests" by those that think they "know" but fail most of the tests themselves, passive aggression, veiled accusations of insincerity, recently close to outright accusations and a distinct lack of respect now; which has started to become the norm in this thread and I really hope it stops.

I already knew at the outset that sooner or later Abraxas would be implicated as a would be "cult" leader. I'll give the the forum credit - I could see it brewing for weeks, and it took longer than I estimated, but sure enough you delivered. Why ? What was the point ? Ask youself - do you take pleasure in landing these sword blows? Do you think you are "winning"?

Where is the love? It's gone fishing on account of too much FEAR and inability to see past the role of the ego when it plays dirty.

Quite apart from this, it seems to me that a wanna-be cult leader would be stupid to come on Avalon! [1] - there are a small percentage (and I mean small) of people here that would out them in a second. None of whom I think I have seen posting on this thread yet but they do thier thing in peace and respect.

So I sit here thinking why do I have to sit here and watch yet another Avalon style hatchet job in progress - and then Malletzky comes along and posts just what I was thinking.

Please stop it. Bury those hatchets. Read the thread for what it is. Just ask your questions nicely please and be respectful. If you must laugh at the posers who think they are masters of this game - go ahead, but do it in private please.

Above all, please don't "With respect" , I think you are a - cult leader, fake, plaigiarist, non-sensical speaker of gibberish ... whatever - "with respect" anyone. It is not respect - it is bloody rude and fake.

Abraxasinas/Moderators/Members - please have a good talk with your human sides and tell them not to escalate please.

With respect

In the love and in the light of the one infinite creator, let harmony come.


[1] Bill Ryan excepted of course

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