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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
What I'd really like to see is lots of plain language explanations. The scientific explanations are there for anyone who wants to check them out. But there is no reason this can't all be explained so anyone can understand, if they want to. In terms which are in common usage.

This is a rational and intelligent statement Myplanet2. I was under an erroneous impresumption, that Uncle John would be able to at least discern the answer to his questions from my reply.

But instead of saying: 'Abraxas, I am unfamiliar with the scientific labels in your reply; could you translate for me into layman's terms?';
Uncle John 'accused' me of 'copy and paste' plagiarism from 'phishing sites' and of 'culling' scientific gibberish from academic sources.
I have attempted to answer his queries 'in klayman's terms' after being asked to do so by him without his anti-Thuban innuendos.

When someone has to encode, or encrypt their messages, I have to wonder why? I would think anyone here to enlighten, would have making themselves understood as their first priority.

Perhaps familiarizing yourself with the language used by the sciences, will enlighten you to the fact that this kind of encoding is not one of elitism or the 'sequestering' of information. Mathematical and logical discourse can be rather enlightening itself.

Some of the Thuban data resonates with me, lots of it doesn't, but I don't really know how much of it I just don't understand. For example, I kind of got the impression that the Thuban had a somewhat possessive attitude towards Earth? Or did I read that wrong?
Oh yes we are so possessive in that WE have already 'taken over your world'.
Thuban Rules! - In the Name of the Logos.

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