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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

No hippihillbobbi, you have intuited correctly!
I have stated from the beginning, that from January 18th, these messages will be somewhat different in that a second component will be added to the questions and answers.

This is because the sharing of the Thuban data will be seconded by the ET presence and the subject matter addressed via the linked websites; the tonyb/John Shadow posts and so on.

This is a necessary part of the polarisation, which became implemented on said date.
You may perceive it as a 'spiritual conflict' of the 2nd and 3rd Orders and as the 'real war' between archetypes.
This so is NOT a physical 'conflict', but a 'conflict' between perceptions.

The ET component will continue as before, but the nonET component will be 'biting' indeed and reflective of the 'war between perceptions'.

Staging such a 'war' will help to avoid and to diminish physical catastrophies on the physical plane, because of the ability to absorb the energy of the groupmind controlling meme complexes.

So considering the manner of address, the replies will either be a 'softer' ET response in support of the higher-dimensional agenda; or a 'harder' 'scientific' 'show me your mettle' approach based on logic and rationality.

In the latter replies, the 'hiding' behind 'authority constructs' of any kind will be disallowed and the scientific or metaphysical skeptic will be asked to justify hisher objections on scientific grounds and not some verification by a 'higher authority'.

In my free sharing of data, I have nothing 'to prove' to anyone.
This data is given without asking for anything and can be ignored, peripherally looked at or analysed in detail.

It is my ET connection, which induces me to share this data. My nonET agenda is rather tired of trying to interact with the ignoramus of a 'brainwashed' collective humanity. I'd rather play chess or computer games, than argue with 'armchair critics' knowing little else, but to critizise things they do not understand and are unwilling to consider.
If would-be critics like Uncle John demand 'proof by authority', such as an university address, then said Uncle Johns should take efforts to familiarise themselves wirth the necessary nomenclature and semantics.

Should the Uncle Johns present the technical questions, then of course I would be prepared to engage in a Physics 101 or a Cosmology 101.

But where are the questions? The Uncle Johns accuse others of rhetoric and gibberish, whilst themselves being 'full of just that'.

It's a VIBRATIONAL 'conflict' hillibillbobbi, not in regards to me, the messenger, but with the 'higher order' and the resonating vibrations will continue to share the ET data if they so desire.
This same 'higher order' will also allow the messenger to apply hisher 'less than perfect' humanity to confront the dissonances.

Lastly then, if no questions are asked, no questions shall be answered and the messenger can engage in other things.

as others have already said to you recently ........ there is certainly No Disrespect intended, Abraxas.

I will repeat my question since it seems you don't think I have asked it.

How does a sentinent being's memory and consciousness works? How is it non local? How is it recorded?

Of course this is not a Physics question. Can we only ask questions about Physics and Cosmology?

Thanks Uncle John
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