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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Thank you, that was very helpful
and, we realise that our concept of 3 matrixes,
isn't 12+12+12 = 36 dimensions
(however, it is 12D or 12/13~13 parts in 12)
We do know, were we go to retrieve info-likely we are just labelling it
(by its wrong name)
yes ~ and, through the process,
we did discover 13 guardians that work with us, to protect us
(maybe valuable info for others)
got to love, being an overactive i-magi

trying to make it make it all make sense
~is quite a job

we will eXamine, and, look into your math,
a little further, as, we are enjoying the light encoding to it

we did get a lot of words, etc.,
to match to some of the light encoding, within your writings,
so, this does fascinate us

we are told, this is, 'good work'

we understand,
the accessing of melz order, thru isis (or 9191)at 12D
and/or the accessing of elohim order,
thru malkuth (10) at 12D,
and, understand the 91/19 to RA/and, to AR
along with elijah; to sandalphon
and, thoth, to the twin of 's'
will eXplore the magic of 33 further-and, st. germain
(who, at different times, does show up)

we also realise,
that this 'unicorn' in our midst,
is, one guardian, NOT yet eXplored
from the point of true north (13)
and, we shall address this one,
and, call it in

we do know, we are a part of The Order of Metatron
and, a part of the 12x12 = or, 144 points of light
under KulKulKan (26) ~ god is also (26)
so, it is good to have a solid connection to something from 10D/or 12D
we also, are glad, we saw 11 - as, a void
at least, we are now discovering, we are on the 'right tracks'

so, thank you for your comments
and, also the comments
on mill master/and, mill mastery
and, walking between worlds, as, we know,
we can do this, and, do this
~ yesterday, we took in info on this for others,
and, we will edit that, tomorrow morning

with 1 in 50,000 doing it,
it means the world is truly is waking up

how eXciting is that !!!

we will do some work,
on the numbers of 47/74, 33, 44, 13, etc.,
as, it appears, some of this information, is filling in spots, in the puzzle,
that we have been working very hard, to solve

makes on feel a true sense, of divinely guided, divinely lead, and,
divinely looked after ~ iT truly iS one amasing journey !!!
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