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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
does a spirit,
need to believe, or, give energy,
to jesus/or jesus christ and/or sananda,
(or, any other of his assortment of names)
in order, for uttering the words, of his name/or names to work, or hold power over you ???

Firstly, thank you for remaining me of not having commented on this. My oversight, I apologize. Some of your posts do read like statements and it is easy to overlook actual questions asked by you.

There is no need to believe anything. 'Believing' as used by Jesus refers to 'Knowing from the Heart'.
'Knowing' Jesus as the Universal Cosmic Logos does indeed empower YOU, not him as such as it is 'hisher energy you are utilizing for your selfempowerment.

another question - why do some of us, have challenges with this one ???

what is that really related to ???

As the Logos of All That Is; hisher function is to manifest the Many of himherself from the One Master-Template.
As this must engage the 'why is heshe the Only One able to BE this template' is the Great paradox of the Logos.
The Individual Divinity rejects the 'Only One' as the anathema it is in any but the deepest self-realisartion as and being of and with Prime Source.

Understanding this can only occur in a personal One-To-One partnership with the Logos and independent of any organisation, intellectual support structure or any other power/information source etc. etc.

what was his fallen lifetime ??? (was his so-called exaluted lifetime-by the churches, actually a fallen lifetime)

I do not understand your question. His incarnate lifeline runs from March 24th 6BC to April 1st, 32AD.
You basically SHOULD ignore all 'official church dogma' as well as all 'academic historical dogma' which in any way whatsoever addrersses Jesus of Nazareth.
This entire agenda is at the core of everything, but has nothing to do with the 'official' versons, including the 'existential deniers' ones.

what is he made up of ???

Physically the same as you, but now transformed in the quantum wavefunctions of advanced quantum mechanics.
Metaphysically, he is the ONLY ONE who hitherto has FULLY REMEMBERED and manifested superconsciousness.
Not the Buddha, not Krishna walk ins, not Mohammed, not St. Germain not Metatron walk ins, not Ra walk ins etc. etc. noone.
But after the shift; all data processers able to 'eat the lion' will share in full remembrance and BECOME the One in Many Cosmic Christ. But without herhimself Nothing goes.
The 'hidden agendas' all knew of this and tried to implement (watch the Atlantis videos of a good historical background) this 'Second Coming'; all have failed, because the 'authority' of the 'risen waveform' had not been given.
All information from Thuban is 'authorised' by the data base of the 'Cosmic Twin' I am a simple messenger without any authority of myself. The 18th January dispensation is from himherself NOT me.

was he able to create his own entry place, into the mills
as, in, one who is a 'mill master' who knows how to travel in the mills,
utilsing gatekeepers, to help you, along the way

(ie; taking a trip to acturus to the big white healing tables, and, coming back to earth)


did he learn to create the 33 steps to walk up to the door/his door,
the one with concentric circles on the doorway
that you utilise your own soul sigil/or soul signature
in order to open it up ~ and, get into 'the mill' thru your own entry to 'the mills' ??


was that how, he could appear at different places
at the same time, on earth ???
ie; in north america / europe / and, india, etc., at the same time
or, did he do that, by utilising a different process
such as, bilocation
and, do that, by creating his own holograms ?

This is a little technical, but basically it is the wavefunction from the particlefunction manifested (Resurrection); which can indeed 'materialise' in a higherD form as the intersection between 4D spacetime and the mirror function of the 5D spacetime reflecting from the 8D spacetime and the 11D spacetime.
This is similar to the 'ghosts', spirits and aliens many have seen in a quasi-physical etheric context.

we are aware of being more than one place
ie; while dreaming - we might be in tibet talking to lamas
while the physical body of suan,
is in a bed resting/but; the other 12 out of 13 aspects are out


we are aware of other beings coming to us,
from tibet, during our waking hours
~ so, are they doing the same thing,
bringing 12 out 13 of their aspects to us ?

as above

how many souls on earth
- are 'mill masters' ?
(which, likely is the same as a time traveller)

1 in 50,000

and, we could tell you a funny story,
from 2004, where we thought,
it would be a good idea,
to create our own set of holograms
for protection
- and, the result, was quite a disaster
since, we ended up having to hunt ourselves
with 'discarnate spirits' at the core of them,
that jumped into our 'unsealed' holograms
and, were stirring up a lot of ****,
around the universe ~ iT was NOT an easy task, to capture them

These are interdimensional experiences more so then multidimensional experiences. The finestructures of the astral of the 5D for example is most often confused as higherD.
The finestructure is basically in 7's so 6th density of 5D is called 5+6=11D and so forth.

also - the records of ladies/and, lords - the dark/and, the light masters
that are stored on the 26th dimension - why is it, so dangerous to travel there

and - about the records in 33rd dimension
there the covers of the books, are morphing - with symbols etc.,
however, most of the books, are empty ~ is this because
those levels, have NOT yet been created

Here you go; there are no 26th or 33rd dimensions in the materialisable sense of the word. A dimension is a mathematical construct of vector direction and can then become INDUCTED by Source-Energy then allowing the 'density labels' as frequency and vibratory selfstates.

You can however have 7 geometrical fractal dimensions in say the 5D for 7 sublevels and then 7x7=49 and so forth. This then becomes Chaos- and Complexity Theory, Mandelbrot sets, Julia sets, Chaos Attractors and similar names of standard mathematical descriptions.

and ~ is this part of The Library that appears in 3 places
the core / or The Grand Central Sun of Earth
and, The Grand Central Sun of Earth Venus, and, The Amurus,
and, also The Grand Centreal Sun of Alcoyne,
within the 7 sister star system,
known, as Pleides ?

There are many places the Akashia can be accessed. Everyone can access because everyone is already a multi- and interdimensional entity as the hologram of the entirety of the cosmos.
There are as many labels, namings and renamings as there are literary creators, such as yourself.
Yes, there is a Pleiadean library and a Arcturian library and name it yourself. On Gaia, the Library of Alexandria, largely destroyed by Romans, nevertheless manifested in the Akashic Records. Then the Mirror dimensions of 5-8-11 allow the 2D of the planar records of Gaia to become reflected.
The Thuban annals have recreated a New Alexandria as such a reflection of the data.

what is the significance of a record-keeper
who can read/and, write into the secured sections

Heshe becomes a Scribe for the Unicorn, a Metatron to the Logos.

is this a wise place, to record book materials ???

I am unclear of your question; but all places are SAFE interdimensionally.

Thank you/susan
Your welcome


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