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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

AGAPE ~ Transpersonal Love

Transpersonal Love


So then, what is Agape — transpersonal love?
First of all, the personal self can love but it cannot Agape.
It is impossible for the everyday consciousness that we perceive as ourselves to express Agape.
Only the "transpersonal" aspect of ourselves can do this.
This aspect has been spoken of by mystics and saints and some psychologists and goes by different names
Many call it the "higher self" or the "soul".
Michael calls it "Essence" and says it is the innermost core of our being.
It is the most real part of us and it does not change.
Even though it is described as "innermost",
at the same time Essence is said to be "beyond" or "above"
all levels of the personal self, from whence it observes them all.
Have you ever noticed that deep within your psyche
is a consciousness that watches everything you do?
Have you noticed that it is unwavering and unperturbable,
unlike your chameleon personality?
This is a veiled view of Essence — "the Witness", as some call it.
A clear communication between Essence
and the personal self is said to be "Agape".
Agape happens when the garbage that separates the personal self
from Essence is discarded.
Agape exists in two forms:
contact of the personal self with one's Essence,
and contact of one's Essence with the Essence of another person.
The first is obviously necessary
before the second can be experienced by the personal self.
Michael's teaching is primarily concerned with how to increase
personal love and transpersonal Agape
— hence my title: MAKING LOVE.

And what is the experience of Agape like?

It is not a bolt of lightning in your consciousness,
or a chill that goes up and down your spine.

It is not a tingling in your extremities or a surprise
that takes your breath away.

It is not a thrill in your heart or a light in your mind.

These are all things of the personal self.

Transpersonal love is just that — beyond personal love.

It is a letting go of everything personal,
a relaxation of effort in the personal self.
All the personal cares and concerns are transcended or transmuted.
When the personal self experiences Agape
there is a deep sense of inner satisfaction and contentment
rather than external excitement.

It is the ultimate "peace of mind".

How does Agape do this?

Because it has no emphasis of any kind.

There is no possessiveness nor expectation.
There is neither desire nor fear of anything.
There is neither approval nor disapproval of anything or anyone.
There is neither guilt nor forgiveness.
There is neither encouragement nor discouragement.
There is freedom and responsibility equally.
There is giving and receiving with equal grace.
Its terms are that there are no terms
— it is unconditional, without qualification.

Why is Agape this way?

Because it reconciles all the polarities.
It is intimate but without being invasive.
It is empathetic but without being negatively affected.
It is connected to everything but with complete freedom as well.
It is always appropriate for the occasion
but without ever losing its integrity or honesty.
It has a powerful effect but is never coercive, intrusive, or manipulative.
It is disinterested in the outcome of its actions,
but always responsible for them.

These things probably seem paradoxical to the personal self.
They are not paradoxical to the transpersonal self.

Agape manifested by the personal self has the effect of purifying
all forms of personal love.

Only when we are in touch with our Essence
can we express our personal love without distortion or misapplication.

(that is 'real' agape ~ or 'real' love)

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