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Originally Posted by petem View Post
hi bill,
Your statements regarding Clif High hiring a "PI" to research Br Bill has raised many an eyebrow among us Avalon veterans. Clif has read your statements and has responded in kind. Please read his entire response, this is just a portion of it. It is enlightening and quite eloquent;

Of course, I expect both Bill Ryan, Bill Deagle, and lots of other humans to respond to this. Such is necessary in these woo-jo disputes. Let each make up their own mind as to validity of arguments and statements. That is how an open, asymmetric social organization is created. Not through ordo ab chaos, but rather through continuous recharging of harmony within the chaotic environment.

Of course I am willing to have all the information and projections and forecasts that I publish investigated and analyzed. It is necessary that such a critical, discriminating mind be developed in every human on the internet. I put out our reports in as straight forward a manner as possible such that it will be able to be determined if these are accurate or ********. It is a case of intellectual honesty, if you will allow, even a personal integrity. I put what dates, and other discrete markers that are available, in our work to support that effort at intellectual honesty. Opinions will be individually formed about the accuracy and motives of my work here. That is as it should be. Examine, poke, prod and gnaw until universe reveals facts that can become the core of truth. The reader here would be foolish to take my word for any thing, just as I would be a damned fool to take Bill Deagle, or Bill Ryan’s information without a complete and critical analysis.

It has been Bill Ryan’s response to my critical analysis of Bill Deagle’s information, and stated personal opinion that I did not find Bill Deagle to be credible, that has set this whole stinky mess into manifesting. At first I thought to just bitch to Bill Ryan privately about his abusive language and accusations, and then let it go. However there are, in my opinion, larger issues involved that go to the heart of the woo-jo. I favor a critical, feet on the mat approach to the woo-woo world as it is so important and because time is short.

"Bill Ryan has maligned me, and accused me. I am responding and calling him on it. Integrity is what is demonstrated Bill Ryan, the slings and arrows of critical examination that you take, and then prove your case, not what is proclaimed.

Ok, let us take this to the mats!

Of course Bill Ryan is invited to dialogue on this matter in any form he may so choose. Not that he requires my permission for anything….

Masa katsu (true victory is victory over oneself)!
Clif High of"
yes, i'd like to hear why you did as such too. it seems bill deagle is "untouchable" ... but why?
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