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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Dear Bill;

I really enjoy the job you and Kerry do. As many have stated (About them selves) I've e-mailed you before but have never heard back, so I am glad you opened this thread. You will have to forgive me if I ask questions that have been already ask and or are thought of as stupid.

#1. Have you guys ever thought of talking to some one on camera about the truth behind the Gander crash ?

#2. In some past interviews it was brought up that some people have what's known as throw away DNA, but that its thought that its really left over Alien DNA ? I was wondering on what your take is on the thought and idea that at least some if not all people are known to have two sets of vocal chords, and why that is ?

#3. Also I've watched the new Jesse Ventura tv show, and I believe the three of you should get together and do a interview as his tactics on the Harrp, and 9/11 show I believe meld well with yours.
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