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Originally Posted by Noela View Post
Brook - I agree with what you posted regarding "knowing" and
how the ego colours information given out.

Yes, I think this is true of George Kavassilas and most other
teachers, channeled material etc.

What I try to do is see how what a particular person is
putting out concurs with other information, and some of
what G.K. says passes this test, which is why I like him -
with reservations.

Agreeing Noela...with reservations....the ego As Lionhawk said needs to be balanced and healthy...I did a thread once on Knowing and was about letting go of the programming of the self by social consciousness...that self being the EGO..the you that you believe you are in this cannot and should not lose that is your experience...however you really should seek the part of you that has the "knowing"..for that is where the truth is...and I believe that in the channeling it sometimes get clouded by the life experience of the channel himself.

A small example of conditioning

Is it really you?

I am born...I am the son of the Prince of Wales...I'm in line to be the next king of England. Everything around me is rich and posh. I want for nothing. My freedom to go in the public is infringed by cameras and reporters...I was raised to lead a Country. Everything around me reflects who I was my destiny to be a King.

I am born...I am the son of a poor man in South Central Los brother is a gang member...I don't know how to read and write was not a priority...I'm going to grow up to be a gang was my destiny to be a gang member.

Now you can be neglected as a child or nurtured..that creates you in this experience this life...and the EGO

These are reflections of Social Consciousness..being termed the identity...

We all have's getting to the center that get to the attain the unlimited knowing.

going to the real center..the self..the true self, everything changes, everything settles again. But now this settling is not done by the society. Now everything becomes a cosmos, not a chaos; a new order arises. But this is no longer the order of the society - it is the very order of existence itself.

Once you have reached that will have true freedom....however .. lets explore FREEDOM

Freedom, from an existential perspective, cannot be separated from responsibility. With freedom comes responsibility. Yet, it is common for many people to seek freedom while trying to avoid responsibility. While, at times, it appears that people may be able to succeed at this, there remains a psychological consequence. This consequence is often not very noticeable, but may find expression through guilt, anxiety, depression, or even anger.

Existential freedom is not the same things as freedom in the political sense we often think of it in America. In fact, political freedom could be view to be a rather shallow, though not unimportant, type of freedom. A person can be existentially free despite not being politically free, and a person can avoid embracing their existential freedom despite being offered great political freedoms.

Ways of Avoiding Responsibility

There are several common examples of how people avoid responsibility in American culture. Conformity is one good example. Americans pride themselves on being autonomous individuals to the point of idealizing individualism. However, upon closer analysis, Americans find extremely creative ways of giving up their freedom. Americans conform through blind allegiance to various organizations and institutions including political parties and religious institutions. This is not to say that being dedicated to either of these are bad. In fact, often they can lead to very positive outcomes. The problem comes with blind allegiance where a person gives up their responsibility to critically think through the beliefs, perspectives, and values of the organization. When this happens, the individual's values are no longer authentic.

When a person gives their allegiance to an external belief structure, they may go in one of several directions. First, they often will become very rigid in their allegiance to the organization or structure to which they have committed. This type of conformity can be seen through various forms of fundamentalism -- religious, political, psychological systems, etc.

Second, they may present as being very committed to a belief systems or organization, but they feel very comfortable bending the rules where it does fit their desires. It becomes easy to bend the rules because they are not really committed to the underlying values system. However, when a person is deeply committed to authentic moral or value principles, they are less willing to act in ways which contradict these principles. The principles are authentic.

Another way avoid responsibility can occur through the belief that one is powerless. There can be many factors which are seen to render a person powerless. A person can perceive themselves as a victim of their environment, of various supernatural or spiritual forces, their unconscious, or a victim of their biology/genes. While an existential approach will recognize that all of these factors may influence a person, none of them render a person powerless or completely control them.


Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility." -- Sigmund Freud

In his book Nobody’s Victim, Christopher J. McCullough explains, "In order to live your freedom, you must first accept reality. ‘These are the choices, and given those choices, which do I choose?’ Whether the option you select is pleasant or painful does not alter the fact that, given reality, this is your preference.
"To live your freedom, it is helpful to stop and ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and then notice whether, given the options, you are choosing what you really want, or whether you want to choose something else.... Sometimes the exercise of freedom involves naming your poison -- all choices may lead to outcomes that are in some way painful. But the real pain is that of feeling powerless -- denying your freedom."

Just in the last few days...I have been working on cutting through the conditioning of my surroundings...trying to find the truth..and it is a journey I advise everyone who has not done so to take....get to the core of yourself ...learn who you really are ...step outside of the conditioning...because my friends...

With Knowing comes Freedom

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