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Exclamation Re: Is 2012 Doom and Gloom Fiction?


Just finished watching this video you posted.

This is HUGE and I cannot wait to read the book and learn everything possible on this subject! (Bet this makes 'The Church' more than a little uncomfortable.)

I cannot thank you enough for posting this!

regards and love,

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
If you wish to know the actual purpose of the Mayan Calendar from an individual who actually met with the Mayan Elders to make sure that his information was accurate then you should click on the following link and listen to one of Ian Lungold's presentation on what the calendar actually means and what it is telling us about where we are headed.

Link to Google Video page of Ian Lungold Presentations

And the answer to is 2012 doom and gloom. Well for most no, for some yes. Reality is going to become that pliable.
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