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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

I have to say i am an ardent fan of david i have been reading his stuff and watching his videos for around 7 years.
David opened my eyes so to speak reading his book the children of the matrix was so fascinating that i couldn't put it down.
he has been reseaching this knowledge for many years says it how it is.
He has been ridiculed and put down but i think he has been very brave and stood up for his beliefs when all around him people have laughed and called him insane.
i absolutely believe in the reptilian race the are shapeshifting beings who are on this earth today.
And if you look about you it's not hard to see one believe me not in it's full form of course but the tell tale signs are there.
Look for the eyes they are generally black or snake like.
I have come across these creatures in the outer dimentions they are scary beings large in size with a skin rather like leather than scally but it does overlap giving it the appearance of scales.
They also have a habit of moistening their lips (licking their lips continuously)

I congratulate him on his work he has tirelessly proved without doubt that these beings do run our world it;s scary but true
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