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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

Originally Posted by Orion Morris View Post
Well I think you should do some research on the Skull and Crossbones symbol. Maybe you should read an Icke book or two. Also, I think that the negativity in the symbol speaks for itself with the visual image carries. I dont think you could argue that the symbol gives off good vibes.
Sorry for that but I saw some lectures and movies of Mr. Icke, and that was enough for me.
I do agree with him on worldwide conspiracies which want to harm us, but in some particuliar things he is simply wrong, because he doesn't understand history properly. There is also the fact that he has a certain influencing ideologic background. He once was in the Green Party.

And why is the skull/death's head a priori negative?
We all have one under our skin, muscles and flesh.
In fact we are the death's head.
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