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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

Originally Posted by Orion Morris View Post
King Lear... I agree with you that you cannot prove everything just by symbolism. However, David Icke has never tried to prove everything just with symbolism. As for the Hussars and the SS, yes they wore the symbol as a their sign to show their willingness to risk their own lives but that is probably not the origin of the symbol. Just because the Jackass crew is not aware of what the symbol originally ment does not mean that the symbol holds the same meaning that it originally did.

Originally this symbol meant only death!
Nothing more nothing less.
It had no worth, nor negatative and nor positve.

But groups used this symbol and gave it a worth.
Skull and Bones took it and gave it a occult worth.

Others just took it just for military purpose, to express their willingness to risk their life.

And also we use it today to mark dangerous areas or dangerous ingrediences and the Jackass Crew uses it just for fun, to express the risk of their weird stunts.

But all uses of this symbol are independant and have no connection!
And there is no transition of a dark magical deeper sense in just re-using this simple symbol!

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