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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

But he also makes great mistakes in his line of argument.
As David Wilcock and Alex Jones do too.

You cannot prove everything only by symbolism!

For example: first he shows a "Skull and Bones Symbol", then a photo of SS-Oberstgruppenführer Sepp Dietrich (Comander of the LSAH) wearing a fur cap with a big death's head symbol on it, then a picture of 1890-1918 of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. wearing a fur cap with a death's head symbol on it too.

But what Icke and the others don't mention all these examples aren't related! If they were so, are pirates and the Jackass crew also a part of this big conspiracy of death? Because they too have a death's head as a symbol.

Now I will explain step by step why the particular persons/groups actually wore death's head symbols.

The SS: They took this symbol in 1919/20 not because they wanted to manage KZ's in 25 years and be death angels. No. It simply was a symbol for their intention to protect their "Führer" Hitler till death, i.e. that they would risk their own lives. SS=Schutzstaffel=Security Squad
And that's the reason why Sepp Dietrich wore it on that particuliar photo, and not because he was related to Skull & Bones or another worldwide conspiracy.

Also German Panzer troops had the death's head as a symbol on their collar patches, but they were absolutely not related to the SS! They just were a plain motorizised branch of the German military. Perhaps they wore this symbol on their collar patches, just because they saw themselves as a modern version of the Hussars.

The 2nd example: Kaiser Wilhelm II. He wore that fur cap just because it was a part of the Hussar's uniform (a cavalary unit) and he used to wear almost every day a different uniform of a different branch of military service. It was just to pay tribute to them and to show his respect. They weren't related to Skull & Bones, nor the SS, nor any conspiracy.
The Hussars, just as the SS, wore this symbol to show their intention to risk their lives!

This whole false symbolism and all the false connections, which occur, is a bit like the UFO disease, which John Lear describes. I myself believe indeed in some conspiracies but we shall not make them up by false assumptions! That's a red herring.

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