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Default Re: David Icke & the reptilian problem

Hey, if you watched the YouTube by the English guard (Bill) who worked at the underground facility (I believe in David's neck of the woods), you heard him testify that the Black Ops were doing genetic modification experiments, and the 'lizard guy' that he saw first hand, he believed to be the result of those experiments. This makes a kind of wicked, unnatural sense to me as there are a bunch of stories leaked on the 'net about 'Island of Dr. Moreau' type activites. Just strikes me as logical (if deplorable) that the BlackOps boys would do some genetic engineering (possibly with collusion with self-serving aliens) to create a phony ET to do their dirty-work for them--plus allow them to create validation to the 'et's are out to get us' scenario. In any case, as wild as it sounds, it could be that David was victimized by these precisely because he's been so outspoken.

Just a (wild) thought...
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