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Default Re: Belgian ground crew (french and dutch)

I don't meditate. I'm having troubles with 'mind control' (yeah...)
Here's a copy/paste of a post I wrote about what I experienced not too long ago:


I have been on this group for a few years except the last two mainly
during which I experienced horrible problems that are still going on.
I recently resubscribed, plan to make and work on m-state again, and
wanted to say hi and something else I find worth sharing.

I could go on and on about how I am totally under mind control that
goes beyond what is written on the net about MK-ultra and related and
goes beyond being a psychosis. A digital mind anyone?

I want to share something special that happened to me 4 times by now.

Probably this won't be believed but anyhow.

I've seen through my eyelids. With my eyes closed. Absolutely closed.
It's not a matter of having seen through your eyes almost closed, or
mentally having reconstructed what I saw a fraction of a second before
I closed my eyes. It's like seeing with eyes open. Like the light of

Happened four times by now.

The first time it happened I took nothing. No gold. No drugs.
I was in a dark closet, with eyes closed, and at first I felt a
strange sensation and like a burst in my chest throughout which
something like yellow light burst. I saw it in my mind and felt it.
Then all at once I saw the dark closet and thought I had opened my
eyes but realized I didn't and opened them afterwards.
This happened I think in juli or august.

Second time happened last december when I downed a whole bottle of Joe
Lello's golden dew and took a hit of smoked DMT. Very little. Then I
saw through my closed eyelids for maybe a few seconds.

Then later on that day, a few hours later when it was evening I went
outside in my 'garden' and saw as if my eyes were open. I don't
remember the exact detail how it happened as I was busy trying to get
rid of what I believe is mind control, but it happened again that I
saw through my eyelids and I definitely do remember seeing outside
clearly with closed eyes.

Fourth time happened even later that day. I actually phoned the
hospital because I was afraid I would bite my tongue. I basically see
digital looking images, hear voices and sounds like a full psycho, and
feel like my whole nervous system and brain are totally under control
of something like a supercomputer. I was scared that whatever happened
would make me spasm my tongue muscle and I wanted something to calm me
down. And oh yeah I saw images of 'entities' in an agressive
mode/stance towards me. It's like I am dealing with artificial
intelligence that knows the in and outs of the body like light years
beyond what science knows.
Anyway I phoned the ambulance and lo and behold on the way to the
hospital again I saw through my eyelids, inside the ambulance. Then I
noticed something interesting. While in the hospital on some kind of
bed, I noticed black light, yes black colored light (black as a
colored light not absence of light) hazing what I saw through my
eyelids, and then I saw white light and still through my eyelids but
with a haze and not clearly anymore. The white light definitely
diminished and hazed the see-with-eyes-closed sight I had.

After that I haven't experienced it again.

I thought I'd share it because I think it's interesting. I don't know
if it's something monoatomic gold related. Maybe.
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