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Default Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by Brinty View Post
I get a feeling that it furnishes a feeling of anonymity for them just in case they are recognized by somebody they know in real life. Or their views expressed on this site may be quite different from the ones they express in their every day life.
Personally, I express some of the same things in real life as I do here. Just not with most people I know.

The anonymity factor is an advantage. Consider that some people who come here are aware that their posts are monitored because they talk about very specific things with keywords that attract attention from surveillance networks, and that they're identity is crucial to safety if they wanna continue talking about what they might know.

Granted, anybody who can systematically monitor all your activity on the net and trace your physical location could probably also figure out identity.

But without a picture or file that I willingly hand out, it'll certainly make their job a bit more difficult. The less profile data; the better.

Otherwise anyone who comes here talking casually, myself included, should have no worries with letting identity loose. But I like to be anonymous anyway, its more fun and keeps the mystery alive

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