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Default Re: Gurdjieff, Agents, and Elephants.

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Thanks to both of you for putting it quite nicely. You didnt point fingers or judge anyone for what or how they felt

I got it too.......and I did learn a lesson but it took me awhile to digest all of it.

the truth is hard to face thats for sure

what a trip that was

I think all the judging was what got us into all the drama and anger and fear to begin with. Not that it didn't turn out fabulously, but still!

Neale Donald Walsch's latest book is "When Everything Changes, Change Everything". Everything really has changed here at Avalon; now it's time for us to change our perception of it, how we relate to it, and where we stand with it. And then we'll make our decisions regarding Avalon based on that. 'Cause if there's one constant, it's that everything is always changing, right?

After all this, after learning what you probably needed to learn, after going through all the "bad" stuff, do you still love Avalon, Truth? Are you hoping to be getting an invite into Avalon 2.0? Or are you thinking on bowing out gracefully and searching for the next safe haven? (I have a few suggestions on sites, if anyone is interested. )

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